Confluence is an alliance whose members are committed to exploring the interconnection between different traditions of meditative practice for people today. By combining historical and contemporary approaches to meditation, we hope to enhance the practice of meditation within a variety of communities. We organise, interreligious dialogue events and academic and non-academic conferences on meditation. We develop programs and courses for use in educational settings and professional environments and undertake academic research on historical and contemporary issues related to meditation.

Meditation and Compassionate Social Action

Organised and sponsored by Confluence and The Contemplary

Saturday, 27 October 2018

North Fitzroy Library Community Room
182/186 St Georges Rd, Fitzroy North 3068

A COLLOQUIUM on Meditation and Compassionate Social Action with presentations from Ayya Yeshe, Dr Roger Coles, Sister Brigid Arthur, Simon Moyle and Rhys Aconley-Jones.

About this event

Traditions of meditation are concerned with the transformation of the person in light of a vision of the highest possibilities of life. From this, a meditator acts in the world, transforming it from within. This gathering explores different dimensions of the relationship between spirituality and compassionate action in community life, historically and today, and invites speakers from different backgrounds to discuss:
Where in their faith tradition do people find a source, nourishment or inspiration for compassionate action?

How do people with a social conscience (i.e. a commitment to wider social goals) and engaged in pro-social activities, benefit from contemplative practices?

Can social actions be more powerful, more effective, more sustainable, with contemplative practice as their foundation?

How much is social engagement an inevitable outcome of the contemplative life?

Join us for a day of presentations and dialogue, and experience contemplative practices that stimulate, inspire, nourish and sustain compassionate action.

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Graduate Certificate in Guiding Meditation

The Graduate Certificate in Guiding Meditation (GCGM) is designed for those seeking to learn the methods and skills of teaching meditation and meditative prayer in a variety of situations including primary and secondary schools, parishes, hospitals and other settings. The course includes the history and practice of meditation and lectio divina and provides an opportunity for students to reflect on their own spiritual gifts.

This Course fulfills the membership requirements for Meditation Australia (MA).

Please note that individual applicants for MA membership must verify that they have completed a minimum of two years of personal meditation practice.

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